The Parallel – Unleash Your Creativity with a Boundless Metaverse on Blockchain

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Based on the parabolic usage of blockchain and the spike-in-popularity concept of a metaverse in gaming, it is apparent that crypto/NFT gaming is destined for greatness. Projects that can nail the technology early on will help developers and users reap the rewards, and with a gem such as The Parallel, the crypto community is in for a treat.

What is The Parallel

The Parallel is a virtual-world universe under the sandbox game genre on Binance Smart Chain. This is a real-world simulation system where players can freely create materials to build their own little universe, which is a part of a grand metaverse enabling players to benefit from monetization, entertainment, and networking activities.

The Parallel empowers creators, artists, and players to build the platform they always envisioned on the groundbreaking blockchain and NFT technology that ensures the best possible experience and profits for everyone.

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Immeasurable creativity and complete ownership at your disposal

The gist of all sandbox games is to create a world fueled entirely by the players’ creativity, and how their minds manage to extrapolate the basic features into a virtual masterpiece. The Parallel, by being on blockchain, has taken a step further outside your regular ol’ sandbox. The game throws in a pinch of macro-scale management with a dash of complete ownership of in-game assets to present players with an unrivaled level of control of the game.

At The Parallel, it is all about User-Generated Content (Creative) to produce high-quality Entertainment & Connection. The game develops a Hydra System (Copyright Ownership), a technology that outperforms current copyright protections. Hydra System uses AI for identity scanning to ensure each NFT generated is unique, with no two NFTs sharing more than 85% similarity traits. Players can expand their world without being concerned that a doppelganger of their precious creation might appear somewhere, taunting the uniqueness of their imagination.

Runes, shaped as cubes, are the materials that construct The Parallel universe and can be found anywhere. Runes can be divided into five ‘Tiers’ based on their scarcity and potential in descending order including: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common. Custom Paragon (NFT) are in-game characters that the players create. Each Paragon is unique and can be rented, bought, or sold at the owners’ will. Runes are used to form Paragons in a process called Craft. Conveniently, players can also Uncraft get back Rune materials if they happen to create undesirable paragons.


The Paragon NFTs are items that are tokenized to become the player’s assets and their value forever stays in their crypto wallet. Thanks to the limitless possibilities the game provides, anyone could be the next star to make one of the best Parallel Lands or cool Parallel houses and characters, all are highly valuable pixelated NFT projects. Players can then gather at the Marketplace to sell their creations and make great profits.

The novel idea of Enjoy to Earn will transform blockchain gaming as we know it

The Parallel is a perfect match for blockchain. We are looking at a resources system, craft mechanics, players’ free will, transfer of assets, and decentralized gameplay. Most crypto games are based on these features but in a slightly different form, such as collecting, breeding, and marketplace economy. However, The Parallel decided to go the extra mile, moving beyond the Free to Play and Play to Earn concepts and head straight for a more novel one, Enjoy to Earn.

The core of Enjoy to Earn is giving players full ownership of assets and empowering them to add value by actively playing the game. In return, they are rewarded with in-game assets, which can be anything ranging from cryptocurrencies to in-game resources encoded on the Blockchain. The best crypto games will be the ones that can go beyond first-party content and inspire a community of players and developers to build on the game itself, which would explain the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) within the game. Every $PRL token holder is a member of DAO, and active participants will be handsomely rewarded for their great contributions to the ecosystem.

There is a myriad of ways for users to benefit from The Parallel, be it creating, staking, farming, or even renting. Players can experience many game modes such as Casual Mining Game, Exploiting Maps, Lands rare or join Quests or Special festive events and contests. The modes are highly engaging and can even be an opportunity for learning. Most importantly, all of these activities generate money, providing a source of revenue for all players.

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The Parallel combines NFTs and DAO to make a decentralized platform for a thriving gaming community and create an addictive augmented reality (AR) that appeals to a broad age range. It is a tactile experience that evokes the exciting feeling of building Legos with rudimentary graphics. The vast lands of The Parallel are waiting to be molded into giant castles, intricate time squares, or even a music concert suspended in the sky. Anything is possible.


1. PRL is the main token of The Parallel and plays a crucial part in the sustainable play-to-earn economy of The Parallel game. PRL is used across The Parallel ecosystem as the basis for all kinds of interactions and transactions in the game.


– Token name: Parallel

– Token ticker: $PRL

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $PRL

Use case:

– Staking and Farming and Providing Liquidity on exchanges

– Purchasing items on Marketplace

– Rewards for participating in special events

– Minting NFTs Paragon, Land, Item

Token distribution:

Article Parallel Token

2. PS is the native token of The Parallel and has no capped supply.


– Token name: PowerStone

– Token ticker: $PS

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

Use case:

– In-game rewards

– Crafting/uncrafting NFTs

– Minting NFTs Paragon, Land, Item


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Final Thoughts

The Parallel is a sandbox that won’t stop evolving and is on its way to becoming the future of gaming. The Parallel is not just a game, it is trying to transform the way people interact with each other virtually and can influence the way we define ownership of in-game digital assets. The game is expected to garner massive success and support for its next stage.


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