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8.16 Token Play

The future of the NFT market is likely to be much friendlier to crypto gamers and developers due to its promises of an immutable blockchain, decentralized exchange, and token sale process. Riding on this wave is TokenPlay, the first multi-chain NFT and gaming platform that promises to bring the best experience of blockchain gaming for users.

About TokenPlay

TokenPlay is a multichain NFT and gaming platform. You can think of it as more of a decentralized arcade where anyone can play, buy and collect fascinating virtual items, and where aspiring creators can get creative and mint their own NFTs. TokenPlay draws inspiration from mainstream successful games, namely Animal Crossing, to combine the best of the two worlds – a compelling gaming experience for players and an exciting exchange hub for those who want to collect and trade NFTs.

TokenPlay’s decision to integrate NFTs and gaming proves to be ahead of its time. The reasons being that NFTs are immutable, transparent, secure and resellable, making them ideal for virtual gaming. TokenPlay’s integration of NFTs and gaming will help users move from simple digital assets to more unique gaming-themed items, opening new markets for in-game items or enterprise tools like digital identity systems.

TokenPlay Comes To Win

In traditional gaming, information about digital assets is often stored elsewhere, of which players do not have full ownership.TokenPlay strives to tackle this issue through on-chain data storing using Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Chain, thus granting players complete control of their digital assets. Buyers can trace the ownership back to the authors without any intermediary or auction house for confirmation.

They also promise full investment on the gameplay, actively overcoming setbacks of most of the current P2E games. TokenPlay is dead set on putting the fun in P2E games, so they are sticking with uncomplicated and playful graphics while offering simple yet addicting gameplay that even your 7 year-old can learn to enjoy. With TokenPlay, perhaps you can offset the cost of having a kid while avoiding bothersome toddler’s antics. Or if you’re in the mood for friendship, there are shared quests and community events.

TokenPlay aims to expand further than the current two chains that they are operating on (Binance Smart Chain and Polygon), emphasizing on this being the key component that separates them from other blockchain games. As the founder/CEO states, the team at TokenPlay has plans for expansion to Ethereum or chains with cheaper gas fees such as Solana.

The TokenPlay Ecosystem Is Fun And Lucrative For Both Crypto and Non-Crypto Players

TokenPlay is a treasure chest of exciting mini games and item collecting tasks where players can find familiar childhood games that one still enjoys well into adulthood such as Fruit Ninja, Gold Miner, or even Pac-Man. Players also have the chance to customize their in-game characters with over 5 million unique character choices (sword, shield, etc.) and have the ability to buy and sell these assets at any time. In TokenPlay, players decide for themselves how much they want to get involved in the application’s decentralized features and DeFi.

One of the platform’s main features is a virtual marketplace called NFT Gaming Marketplace for players to buy and sell in-game items. This is where players can get creative with their character design. They can also put items up for auction and mortgage assets in this marketplace. Special events are organized frequently for players to earn and accumulate tokens.

Besides the NFT Gaming Marketplace, TokenPlay also has other marketplaces:

1) In-game marketplace:

The marketplace follows a TokenPlay-ness graphic style that offers a comfortable and casual experience. This will be the first choice for many players as the majority of them come for the entertainment in games itself rather than for blockchain elements. A reminder that this marketplace will also be blockchain based and players have full ownership of their assets.

2) Marketplace on other non blockchain platforms:

TokenPlay will use the existing game platforms, for example Steam, to sell items. This is crucial for the onboarding of non-cryptocurrency users.

3) Marketplace on other blockchains:

In-game items and ownership can be transferred to BSC, as $TOP can be exchanged for $BNB. TokenPlay aims to have its currency interchangeable with other relevant blockchain currencies as a way to increase interest, boost liquidity, and serve marketing purposes. Regardless, this marketplace is not a first priority for TokenPlay as its target audience is primarily casual players with little concern for blockchain.


Use case

TokenPlay issues $TOP as a utility token and governance token with various use cases:

– Payment: $TOP is used to purchase all in-game items

– Play to Earn: There are a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests in the game, players could earn TOP tokens.

– Farming: Users can use TOP tokens with the add-on farming feature. The amount of TOP gained from Farming depends on each TOP’s Farming stats.

– Governance: Using $TOP enables players to take part in the governance procedures through proposals and voting structures. Issues can arise during the platform operation and development, and they could be resolved based on the token holders’ preference. There will also be rewards for voters to encourage involvement in the voting process.

– Staking: A certain percentage of TokenPlay revenues will be given out as staking rewards and a fixed proportion will be distributed to the staking pool. The revenues can come from in-game item sales or transaction fees. NFTs will also have DeFi features such as collateralization and buybacks.

– P2E system: Players can earn $TOP when they complete quests in the games, while top players can keep track of their score/earning records on the leaderboard. This is designed to boost user interest and maintain traction for the platform.


Token Name: TokenPlay

Token Ticker: $TOP

Network: Polygon Chain & Binance Smart Chain

Type: ERC-20/BEP-20

Smart Contract Address:

Total Supply:


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As of now, TokenPlay has completed 90% of the goals listed and is onward for the 4th quarter of 2021. On August 7th, TokenPlay launched its IDO on PolyDex and sold out 55.000.000 $TOP in just 2 minutes.

8.16 Token Play Roadmap

Social Channels

Explore the wonders of TokenPlay and get the latest updates via their official channels:

Website | Youtube | Twitter (@Tokenplay2) | Facebook | Telegram Group | Telegram Channel

Final Thoughts

TokenPlay is on their way to develop a new and obstacle-free P2E game model. It has the potential to attract millions of gamers through a series of exhilarating mini games and great opportunities for making money. With the project still in the early stage and looking promising after their IDO, there are many more things that TokenPlay has to offer to the community, investors, and partners.


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