Top Airdrop Platforms in 2022

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Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of How-to-series from Barmy. On this article, we will introduce to you the Top 3 reliable platforms to receive airdrops from projects that you may not want to miss.

I. Galxe

In the top line, we would like to introduce an airdrop platform which is familiar with both users and project owners. This is maybe the most successful platform in 2022 – Galxe. Galxe is a leading Web3 credential data network. A collaborative credential infrastructure enabling brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3.


Galxe aims to solve the problems of currently credential data which is segregated across closed databases that are owned and permitted by applications, government organizations, and financial and credit institutions. Therefore, it is not open to individuals who should own that data.


Galxe ecosystem consists of 3 main parties: GalxeID, OAT and Token

1. Each users of Galxe own an GalxeID where your credential data float around. Claim your ID by:

  • Visit
  • Hover to “Galxe ID” on the top menu
  • Connect your EVM wallet & set your username. Galxe now support multi-chain wallet so you will have lots of options.
  • Now you will be able to see eligible credentials attached to your GalxeID
Screenshot 2022 12 22 at 11.36.57
Supported Wallet on Galxe Airdrop

2. Once you had a GalxeID, you will need to claim a Galxe Passport to join those tasks later on Galxe.

3. Galxe OATs: (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) this is a solution to distribute NFT badges to communities as a record of participation. Brands and projects can use Project Galaxy’s infrastructure to create their own personalized OATs to reward their users. This includes anything from in-person events, various online interactions, or even AMA’s.

4. Galxe token: $GAL has 4 main ultilities

  • Governance: $GAL is used for voting & governance in Galxe DAO.
  • Paying for Application Module Fee: Developers who aim to utilize Galxe’s credential data through Application Modules will be subject to a Platform Fee which is charged in $GAL.
  • Paying for Galxe Oracle Engine and Galxe Credential API: Developers pay $GAL to query our credential data through Galxe Oracle Engine and Galxe Credential API. Currently all query fees are waived during beta testing.
  • Curating Digital Credentials: Curators can utilize the $GAL token to signal a credential data set’s value.

There’re a lot of campaigns on Galxe that create a environment for users and project developers can meet and interact.

If you’re an user, register and select your favorite project, do the tasks to contribute and you will receive your OATs, NFTs as your rewards. For the tasks on Galxe, we can see they’re simply interactions on social media like: Twitter, Discord and Github.

If you’re a project owner, please find the instruction in the links below:

II. Crew3


Crew3 is a platform that helps growing members of web3 communities and increase engagement by turning them into contributors. By completing tasks, users of each community can claim their roles to participate in later events created by the developers.

Crew3 is famous with the fast growing of zkSync and Sui Network. And they’re 2 of the top communities on Crew3 Dashboard.

Crew3 UI is very friendly that users can access their websites and choose what ever community they like by clicking on it. There are hashtag of what’s the project about and the number of quests included.

Screenshot 2022 12 26 at 09.17.38
Crew3 Homepage

Inside each community, there will be tasks for users to claim exp point. Users need more points to unlock more quests. The most important feature of Crew3 is that it is fully integrated with Discord. It means once you finish the quests and claim your exp points, you will get a role equivalent to the points. That’s how the developers manage who contribute more to the community and who don’t.

Screenshot 2022 12 26 at 09.21.48


Users can join Crew3 by clicking Connect button and choose to use Discord or Wallet Connect. We recommend that you choose Discord first because every task in Crew3 will be counted for Discord roles in the channel. And you can connect your wallet after creating your account.

By completing tasks, users can claim exp points to unlock more tasks on the campaign board.

Useful links:

III. Quest3


Quest3 is also a community-driven tool to grow project members. Unlike Crew3 and Galxe, Quest3 aims to attract as much members as it can, engagement is not that important. The website gives a signature landing page to each project. However, each campaign will be released once by once. When user access Quest3 landing page, they will see the latest campaign of every projects.

Screenshot 2022 12 26 at 09.40.43 1
Quest3 Homepage

One thing I like in Quest3 is that the reward, distribution method and amount of participants are clear. This means users can track the win rate of their own quest based on those figures.


Quest3 gives a wide range of choices to users to connect to the platform such as: Discord, Twitter, Metamask and some other Wallets. By clicking Connect, users will have to choose one mean to get access to Quest3.

For those who have wallet already, you can choose to connect through Metamask. This will be easier for you to complete the quests later because they will require some transactions and fees.

For those who are fresh, you can choose to connect by Twitter or Discord. Then you can access some quests. A wallet is needed if you want to finish all the tasks and claim rewards.

IV. Conclusion:

On these days during Crypto Winter, especially with the big hit named Aptos, Airdrop and Retroactive are the trend now. However, as we mentioned above, this job is not for everyone. If you are really keen on this, please note down some points below:

Closely follow up the projects:

Choose one or two platforms above and create your account. Note that you can create more than 2 accounts on each platform and you need to. Owning more accounts means that you can increase your winning rate to be airdropped.

Once you created account, you must follow all the channels of the projects, especially Discord. For newbie, it will take you a while to get familiar with Discord because unlike other social platform, Discord engaged users with their roles and the UX is not so friendly.

Participate in Airdrop Group on Telegram:

Some group on Telegram are posting the airdrop chances everyday. You can find some to follow and communicate with others about any quests you are currently doing. Blockchain Army is one of that. Turn on the notification and we will try to update as much as airdrop chances for you.

Beware of Scams:

There are scams everywhere on this crypto world. Beware of these 3 kinds of popular scams:

  • DM from scammers: Scammers are hiding in every community. They are waiting for loopholes from other users to cheat them. Their most popular trick is pretend to be the project owners like admins, devs or C-level to DM you and require you to contribute to the community. The thing you need to do is to not trust anyone. Treat anyone who DM asking for donation as scammers.
  • Scam projects: Except for the communities on those legit platform that we mentioned above, there’re many platform with poor selective procedure. That means there maybe scam projects appeared on that kind of platform. The thing you need to do is choose the platform wisely.
  • Scam links: On the chat group of every community, there’ll be lots of external links. One click to scam links and you can be attacked by hackers. Only click to the links posted by the channel owner.

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