TWINCI – The first NFTs Social Marketplace

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Twinci NFTs Social-Marketplace

TWINCI is the first NFTs Social Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Users are able to generate, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain.

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What Makes It Unique?

  • Twinci platform aims to eliminate technical barriers (For example: The creation and transaction on the Ethereum network are costly) for artists and allow them to tokenize their artworks conveniently.
  • As Twinci is built on Binance Smart Chain, transaction speed increases while gas fees significantly drop.
  • Twinci is a free platform with the aim of providing users the best possible experience.
  • Twinci segments its customers into groups of popular artists and their fans. Validated artists will be given a green tick.

Features of Twinci Platform

🎨Create NFTs & Collection

  • Create NFTs: Users can generate NFTs in one single attempt or separately.
  • Unlockable content: In this platform, you can build up your own unique products as you are a content creator. Your own collectibles, i.e. high solution pictures or secret messages, can be labeled as unlockable content. They are only visible when you transfer the ownership to the purchasers or the receivers.
  • Collection: Users can establish their own NFT collections to exhibit a consistent style of art per collection. By default, when you mint art on Twinci, it goes into either the ERC721 or ERC1155 Twinci folder. Since these folders are public, everyone can access, mint, and store their NFTs here. When you have a collection of your own, only you have access to this folder and make new NFTs.

🔄Buying & Selling NFTs

Users can purchase the digital version of their favorite artworks or sell their own works on this platform.


Users can increase their income by selling art, earning royalties, and through affiliate marketing. Moreover, creators will receive royalties whenever their NFT is sold on the market.

TWIN Token

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Key metric

  • Token name: Twinci Token.
  • Ticker: $TWIN
  • Spec: BEP20
  • Total supply : 5,000,000 TWIN

IDO 1: 2% – 100,000 TWIN

IDO 2: 1% – 50,000 TWIN

Pancakeswap Liquidity: 4% – 200,000 TWIN

Retroactive airdrop: 2% – 100,000 TWIN

Dev Team: 15% – 750,000 TWIN (Locked for 365 days, unlock everyday afterwards)

Marketing & Partnership: 24% – 1,200,000 TWIN (Locked for 365 days, unlock everyday afterwards)

Ecosystem Reserve: 21% – 1,050,000 TWIN (Unlock after 1 year)

Farming & Staking: 31% – 1,550,000 TWIN


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TWIN farming is live on Wault Finance, which means users can farm TWIN/BNB pool and receive WEX tokens at an extremely high APR, around 900% to 1300%.

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Instead of receiving TWIN from farming TWIN, users will receive their rewards in WEX. It is beneficial for TWIN holders in the long run. However, if TWIN price is affected by the bearish market sentiment, investors can still generate profits from WEX.


Referral Program – FOXCI

$FOXCI token was officially launched on 14th June 2021, can be sold and staked in July

FOXCI is a Twinci token created for the platform’s most active users who contribute to its development.

When your friends purchase or sell NFTs on Twinci via your referral links, you will receive rewards in FOXCI.

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Development Team & Advisors

Here are the development team members, advisors, and their positions.

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Within a span of two months, Twinci has expanded its ecosystem and partnered with various well-known projects. Twinci now has a massive community of over 60.000 members and is still growing. Let’s go over some of their impressive achievements:

  • 20.000 telegram followers
  • 14.000+ Twitter followers
  • Audited by Certik — Top 1 blockchain audit in the crypto world – and Callisto Network
  • Farming TWIN/BNB Program with High APR up to 1300%
  • Twinci successfully organized special events: NFTwednewsday #2, Lucky NFT with Happy Bitcoin Pizza day, Airdrop#3 with a prize pool of up to 5000$
  • Entered top NFT DApps with best social signals on

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Key Social Channels

Final Thoughts

The brand new DApp can definitely become the world’s #1 destination for popular artist searchers. Twinci is worth investing in because it provides the needed marketplace for collective artists from around the world. Now they can sell, buy and validate their artworks conveniently online with a speedy transaction generator.

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