Valkyrio – Immerse in Legendary “Gods Versus Human” Fights

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Blockchain gaming is innovative and opens up a treasure trove of opportunities for gamers and crypto investors to enjoy healthy and engaging entertainment while making money along the way. Valkyrio is the latest addition to the awesome line-up of blockchain games in 2021 to help make monetising one’s hobby no longer a dream.

About Valkyrio

Valkyrio is a RPG/action game on Binance Smart Chain inspired by a manga called Shuumatsu no Valkyrie (Record of Ragnarok). Players will take on the role of a humanity representative and use the game token ($VALK) to recruit human fighters, forge powerful weapons, kill monsters, and challenge Gods in to-the-death fights. Each player will have a chance to create their own storyline.

Enjoy and Earn with an epic origin story

Inspired by the epic action manga, Valkyrio’s plot line combines different myths, history, and lore, which pits prominent human characters in a competition-style bloodbath with the gods while the fate of the entire humanity is at stake. The gameplay promises intense action through one-on-one battles between beautifully designed characters. The battles are engaging and can keep players hungry for more battles and game modes to come. This is one of a few pioneering blockchain gaming that can successfully endorse the novel Enjoy-and-Earn concept.

Valkyrio’s fighters are reminiscent of legendary and diverse characters throughout human history, ranging from Lü Bu, who hails from Ancient China and was the most powerful warlord of the Three Kingdoms, or Jack the Ripper, an infamous serial killer originating from late 19th century Britain. Fighters are one of the main NFTs the player can possess in Valkyrio.Each character starts at level one, and comes with a random rarity upon minting. There are six different levels of rarity (from 1 star to 6 stars).

Valkyrio has a Monster Combat mode, which is the primary source of earning reward by using fighter NFTs. A victorious fight will result in experience points payout to the fighter, and a reward payout to the player in-game wallet. There is also a God Slayer mode coming soon.

Security and complete ownership in the game

Valkyrio promotes appealing and engaging, but also rewarding gameplay with unique fighters and weapons. The sense of ownership in the game is transparent and comprehensive because the game currently runs almost entirely on the blockchain, providing a level of trust not commonly found in traditional video games. Users can verify the code that runs the game, as well as all interactions happening on the game’s smart contracts. All tokens and in-game assets are completely owned by the players, and they can freely buy or sell these assets in the Marketplace.

If the player knows how to interact with the blockchain, they can play entirely on the smart contracts by calling the appropriate functions and supplying the necessary data on the BscScan contract pages. Another advantage to being on-chain is that the transactions and assets can be tracked and verified by checking TxIDs on BscScan.

Valkyrio is in cooperation with Solid Group, a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider operated by cybersecurity experts, to secure TGE by using Solid Group Bot Protection. By having this layer of protection, the Valkyrio team can focus on building a supportive community while protecting the investors against unwelcomed threats. There is also an Oracle Contract to balance the payout gained through combat, along with minting and reforging costs to the current dollar value of $VALK. Consequently, this will ensure that daily income of in-game tokens will always be larger than gas fee costs, unless the player chooses to lose a majority of their daily fights.


1. $VALK

VALK token is the main token and the first native currency for Valkyrio.


– Token name: Valkyrio Token

– Token ticker: $VALK

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 100,000,000 $VALK

Use case:

– Acquire characters, forge weapons, and participate in in-game events

– Make purchases in the Marketplace

Token distribution:

Article Valkyrio Token

2. $YRIO

$YRIO is the second native currency of Valkyrio.


– Token ticker: $YRIO

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: unlimited

Use case:

– Upgrade fighter powers


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Final Thoughts

Valkyrio can give players a sense of freedom, power, and a financially rewarding feeling that should have crypto and gaming enthusiasts eager to join in. Investors should be on the lookout for the game’s further development.


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