Vueling was examining the usage of blockchain and NFT technology in order to allow customers to acquire plane tickets with crypto

Vueling dang kiem tra viec su dung cong nghe blockchain va NFT de

According to Vueling, this action will make it the first low-cost airline in Europe to accept cryptocurrency as payment

One of the Spanish low-cost carriers, Vueling, is starting to take cryptocurrency as payment for its services. The business revealed on January 14 that it was investigating the use of blockchain and NFT technologies to enable users to purchase airline tickets using cryptocurrencies.

Vueling has teamed up with Criptan, a national exchange that has previously registered with the Bank of Spain, for this duty in order to act as a payments company and process and complete clients’ orders using cryptocurrency. The introduction of cryptocurrency payments, according to Criptan CEO Jorge Soriano, might enhance the user experience by demonstrating to customers the possibilities of implementing such solutions.

UATP tech, the worldwide payments network for airlines, will be used for the capability, which is anticipated to be available on the airline’s website by Q3 2023. However, the business has not yet specified which cryptocurrencies would be accepted.

In their retail operations, other airlines have already included cryptocurrencies and even NFTs. An example of one of these is the Argentine airline Flybondi, which declared it will start issuing tickets as NFTs in September 2022, enabling customers to resell them on secondary markets. Using Binance Pay as a partner in payment processing, the business would also accept payments in stablecoins like USDC as part of that alliance.

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