About VEGA Protocol and How to join Token Sales on CoinList

4.VEGA Protocol

Vega is a decentralized network protocol for creating and trading magined financial products.

The network, secured with proof-of-stake, developed on top of Tendermint that allows users to trade derivatives on a decentralized network with similar functionality to that of centralized exchanges. It will enable fully automated end-to-end margin trading and sophisticated financial product execution.

The purpose of VEGA protocol?

VEGA’s purpose is to create tools that ensure the freedom to trade and make that freedom available to everyone, regardless of who they are or where they are from.

It is taking aim at the fundamental flaws in the present centralized financial system, by ensuring all participants benefit equally from competitive fees, and rewards are proportionate to the value added.

This protocol must be open, and it will eventually be free and open source software governed by the community, so that it can develop and evolve with the needs of the users

In addition to improving liquidity issues with other DeFi products, Vega promises it will solve high fees, high latency, unwieldy interfaces, and front-running—the practice of trading on non-public information in order to change the future price of an asset.

Why VEGA Protocol?

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Token Distributions

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The total supply of VEGA tokens is 64,999,723 tokens, of which 7.5% will be available for the token sale, equally for 3 options. Depending on your plan of investing, you can either choose 1,2 or all 3 options. Below table will give more information for each option.

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The graphs below show the distribution of VEGA tokens, both in terms of how much each group owns and the time it takes for tokens to become vested.

Founder and Backers

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Vision, strategy and protocol design

Previously built trading systems at Accenture, major exchanges and investment banks

Mined bitcoin & invested Ethereum pre-sale

Co-founded Pik, funded by Google”

Source: Coinlist.co

Vega founder Barney Mannerings launched the project in 2018, and has raised $5 million in funding as a startup.

The round was co-led by Arrington Capital and Cumberland DRW, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Ripple, Delphi Ventures, ParaFi Capital, Signum Capital, CMT Digital, CMS Holdings, 3 Commas, and a slew of others. Which brings Vega’s total funding raised to over $10 millions.

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How to join VEGA token sales on CoinList?

Bear in mind that residents of the US, Canada, China, and CoinList’s unsupported jurisdictions will not be able to attend the token sales.

To join the token sales, you will first need an coinlist.co account and already KYC. After log-in to Coinlist, head over Vega Sales Registration or simply click on this link: https://coinlist.co/vega

After doing the registration, you will be receiving an email from CoinList about your registration.

Before the sales start, there will be another email with a unique queue link for you to join in the Waiting Room. Once you enter the Waiting Room, you can see the counting down time.

When the sales starts, users in the Waiting Room will get a random place in line. Arriving early doesn’t give you a better place in the queue. However, if you join the queue (click on the unique queue link) after the sales have started, your queue number will be put behind all the users in the Waiting Room. Thus, you should always enter the Waiting Room before the sales start.


Vega, a protocol that aims to build a decentralized marketplace where any trader can build and execute financial products, could assist solve a number of problems, including attracting market-making resources and making a product available to the general public. This research about Vega Protocol is only for information purposes. It is your call now whether you want to invest in it. Good Luck!