Project Review: Wildcard Alliance

Wildcard Hightlight Project 1

I. Overview: What is Wildcard Alliance?

Wildcard Alliance is a real-time interaction-focused game launched on Polygon. According to their developers, Wildcard is a brand new Web3 video game IP. It’s a new game genre called “Collectible Action Battle Arena”, merging aspects of real-time strategy, battle arena action, and collectible cards. The universe of Wildcard is united by the sport of Wildcard, a competition of champions, fighting alongside their creature sidekicks, in unique arena battlefields, surrounded by live fans and spectators.

The game is developed by Playful Studios, which is famous for 3D games such as New Super Lucky’s Tale, Creativerse and Lucky’s Tale. These games are available on Steam right now. We’ll have a detailed article about Playful Studios in the near future!

Wildcard Alliance

II. Unique Selling Points:

  • Unique Gameplay: As we can see from the overall, the key point that makes Wildcard outstanding is its gameplay – a unique blend of multiple genres.
  • Well-designed: Additionally, after watching the game trailer, Wildcard is definitely a very well-designed game with detailed artwork and smooth animation. The studio aims for an AAA-quality game so we can have a cool thing to look forward to.

Screen Shot 2022 06 21 at 15.07.01

  • Web3-integrated: Moreover, the game will be built for the Web3 Platform. So basically, this will be the very first AAA game under development on Web3 so far. Wildcard utilizes this brand new technology to connect and empower the community in new ways.
  • Interaction-focused: The last thing making the game unique is that it may introduce unique audience presence and interaction features that enable spectators and fans into the live-action and gameplay as they tune in to watch their favorite competitors and streamers.

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III. Tokenomics & Ultilities:

Unlike GameFi projects or Web3 games, Wildcard will not have any IDO or ICO to raise funds from the community. Instead, the team has raised the money needed to fully develop this game from the beginning VCs as well as Paradigm, Griffin Gaming Partners and Sabrina Hahn.

Specifically so that they can stay focused on our long-term goals of fun and community first. Also according to the team, Tokens and NFTs are amazing early implementations of smart contract technologies, but they’re really just the beginning. For now, the team just wants to explore the ways in which Web3 can make video games better, and we believe that the real power lies in its ability to build protocols that connect and empower communities.

IV. Team & Backers:

  • For the Wildcard Team:

Paul Bettner is the founder and CEO of Playful Studios that is developing Wildcard Alliance. He is the one who is in charge for the development of such 3D games we’ve mentioned above. Before Playful Studios, he worked as a Game Developer and Creative Developer at Microsoft’s Ensemble Studios from 1997 to 2008. Bettner was well-known for creating Words with Friends – a mobile game backed to 2009.


Bettner’s wife, Katy is the second founder. Katy Drake Bettner enables talented creatives to scope, advance, refine, and execute their unique vision. She is an art form agnostic and is happiest when she can find a balance between the independent projects she produces and her role as a game company executive. In 2013 Katy and her husband founded Playful Studios. In 2021, they formed its subsidiary, The Wildcard Alliance.
The total members of the Wildcard team are 17 with Art, Designers, Community Department and so on. Each team member has worked in the gaming field for at least 5 years.

  • For the backers:

Paradigm leads the funding of the Wildcard Alliance. Backed by Paradigm, The Wildcard Alliance will onboard the next billion gamers to Web3 with ease, accessibility, and fun at the forefront with this $46M raised in a Series A.

Wildcard is also powered by Polygon, the world’s leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. Polygon aims to deliver a game that is cutting edge in both creative approach and technical implementation. Its focus is on improving crypto’s carbon footprint. And has been a key factor in the Wildcard Alliance’s decision to leverage the Polygon suite of technologies.

Other participants in the funding round included Griffin Gaming Partners and venture capitalist Sabrina Hahn.

V. Roadmap:

The Wildcard’s roadmap is still on mapping but each mark has been described detaily on their notion up to 2023.

  • June 2022:

June 14, 2022: Wildcard Debut Announcement!
June 15, 2022: Call for Moderators
June 17, 2022: Wildcard Town Hall #1
June 20-23, 2022: Wildcard @ Polygon Hub, NFT.NYC showcasing the game

The Wildcard Season one will officially begin in late June. Tune in as the competitors arrive onto the Frostburn Meteor, together with their amazing creature sidekicks, ready to join the battlefield.

  • Mid July:

Wildcard Broadcast Network Debut. The teams are arriving and the action is heating up on Frostburn Meteor! The report on the thrills and the spills from their studio at the Wildcard Broadcast Network.

  • Fall 2022:

There will be lots of cool events from the Wildcard team
Wildcard Broadcast Network Episodes
Behind the Scenes
The Wildcard Exhibition: Melee on the Meteor!
Off-season and get ready for Season 2

VI. Socials:

Visit these social channels of Wildcard Alliance for more updates:

VII. Summary:

Wildcard Alliance is opening the era of Collectible Action Battle Arena emerging Web3 technology to connect and empower the community in new ways. The game is still under finalizing but as we’ve seen on the trailer, gamers can expect an upcoming explosion in the game industry.

This is a promise from the Wildcard Alliance team for an eye-catching, attractive game-play and interactive Web3 game powered by Polygon. For real gamers, this is another chance for experiencing an AAA game on web, no need for a built-up workstation with high processing speed. For investors, the team did not have plans of launching any tokens or NFTs. However, with the trending of emerging game and finance, we definitely can hope for their IDO or INO.

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