X World Games – The New P2E Dreamland for Blockchain Gamers


Trading card games are an endless source of dopamine for competitive players who love raking in winnings. Now let’s imagine this beloved game genre in seamless integration with the rapidly evolving blockchain technology, where the true winnings are tokens with practical real-world uses. Welcome to the metaverse of X World Games.

About X World Games

X World Games (XWG) is a decentralized gaming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Inspired by the popular Pokémon Card Game and booming crypto world, the XWG team began working on the game in 2019. In June 2021, the game officially launched on BSC. The first game to open on the platform is Dream Card, a trading card game with digital collectible characters following the captivating storyline of the legendary Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

XWG aims to design an application that allows players to have full ownership of cards and other in-game items. Players can also enjoy a democratic governance model through the game’s own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Players Exercise Absolute Control Over In-game Assets and Game Content

A key factor to establishing value and maintaining engagement in games is the psychological experience of autonomy. And XWG has managed to achieve just that.

Full ownership of assets

Play-To-Earn games are always a hit, but the in-game ownership is, for most of the time, at the mercy of the game developer. Meanwhile in XWG, the data of asset ownership is on-chain through BSC, granting players complete control of the assets. Players have the unhindered ability to customize and create their character cards with various weapons or equipment in order to increase card battle efficiency and uniqueness, thus boosting card value in the XWG world. All in-game character cards will be tokenized into NFTs, and can be traded on the XWG marketplace.

Autonomy of game content

In XWG, autonomy is also optimized and made feasible by encouraging player participation in the game’s core mechanics, story development, reward and progression system, and other exploitable areas.

XWG is building its own decentralized organization called Community Council, which is governed by XWG token holders. Members of Community Council can make proposals and vote for essential governance decisions as well as game plans, for example airdrop’s frequency, in-game Players-Vs-Environment daily reward cap, character powers, and NFT card burning process. Overtime, this DAO will sketch out the overall gaming format, putting the XWG token value and ecosystem’s destiny in the players’ own hands.

The game’s source code will have an open-source license so users can control and ultimately fork the application. Naturally, XWG is built on BSC to ensure no single entity controls the server.

The Ultimate Dream Comes True – You Can Play Games and Make Money

On a decentralized gaming platform such as XWG, earnings and ownership can be easily traded on marketplaces while the money earned flows directly in and out of players’ crypto wallets.

XWG NFT Marketplace

Players can freely buy and sell in-game assets on XWG NFT Marketplace after activating or creating their crypto wallets. This marketplace has a user-friendly and eye-catching interface, with filters to sort cards by rarity and price. It also recently launched an auction feature to increase market competitiveness and drive the card value up. The purchase process is fast and simple.

Marketplace on BSC

Gaming dapps launching on BSC can provide immediate benefits, the most important of which is access to a huge group of potential buyers. XWG’s marketplace on BSC inherits all the good traits of the XWG NFT Marketplace with an added bonus of being able to trade using $BNB, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Furthermore, BSC’s affordability and security will lower various transaction fees and maximize player asset protection.

Multiple player incentives

XWG offers many appealing in-game stimuli that can all be exchanged for tokens:

– Daily check-in: The app records player attendance in battles to accumulate playing days. A great number of playing days equal more tasks, which means more contribution to the game, leading to multiple rewards.

– Mystery Box, also known as Blind Box, is a special treasure chest that keeps its content hidden to incite curiosity, similar to a loot crate. Nobody, not even the game developers, knows which unique cards are inside.

– Regular special events in cooperation with famous partners, with the newest event being Exclusive Dream Card Special Edition for Binance NFT on BSC. Players can dispatch their cards to the Expedition to mine XWG reward. The higher the dispatched value, the higher the earnings.

– Various quests to hunt for prizes and a recycle hub to earn back EXPs.

XWG’s Token

XWG token is the native currency in the game.


1. Specification

Token name: X World Games

Token ticker: $XWG

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Type: BEP-20

Smart contract address: 0x6b23c89196deb721e6fd9726e6c76e4810a464bc

Total Supply: 10.000.000

2. Use case

– Payment: Players use XWG to purchase cards and Mystery Boxes.

– Mining: XWG developed its own mining pool where tokens can be used for collecting and creating cards, and being given out as rewards. A fixed proportion of revenues from asset sales or transaction fees will be distributed to the mining pool.

– Governance: Players participate in the governance process through DAO by using tokens to make proposals and cast votes, and in return, they can receive rewards. Players have the power to decide how the platform operates.

– Play-To-Earn: Tokens are reserved for user incentives. Players can earn tokens by battling in the game or joining expeditions.

3. Distribution

XWG distribution

The Team Behind XWG

Fernando Oscar Liu – CEO

Experience and achievements:

– Over 10 years of work in venture capital, private investment, fundraising and M&A restructuring worldwide

– An early investor in Hangzhou Zhexin, a company which specializes in online cellphone games

– XWG’s core team member since 2017

Erick Wu – CMO

Experience and achievements:

– Over 5 years of marketing and 3 years of crypto investment experience

– Developer of a robust international investor relations strategy and framework

– A master’s degree in marketing and finance from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Shanghai Fudan University

Sean Chen – CTO

Experience and achievements:

– Founder of BlaCat game platform and architect of ZoroChain

– Over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and software engineering

– Founder of several companies since 2009 and developed many successful games in China, earning a combined total of over 100M USD+ in revenue


XWG roadmap

Social Channels

Come play with XWG on the following social platforms:

Website | Youtube | Twitter | Telegram Group

Final Thoughts

XWG recently made it onto the top three GameFi projects with 487.91% growth in users. It is a unique blockchain gaming ecosystem with enormous potential that can greatly benefit crypto and non-crypto users alike. This characteristic corresponds to the company’s vision of creating not just a game for blockchain players, but a game that could introduce blockchain to millions of non-crypto players, prompting others to look forward to their growth in the future.


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